UR20 Series – not only usable at the POS

Our UR20 series consists of the UR21 scanner, which is used mainly in the retail sector, and the UR22 scanner. The series provides enormous time savings at the POS and in storage areas. With the RFID technology, security tags that are now magnetically attached to clothing items could be replaced in the future with RFID tags. These tags are already integrated in the labels on clothing items and can be deactivated when scanned with a UR20. By installing an RFID barrier with an alarm at the exit, an end could be put to shoplifting in the future – even if the security tags have been removed. The UR20 scanner convinces also with its precision when scanning RFID tags and with its durability. The VESA compatible fixture for both the UR21 and the UR22 makes it easy to install the scanners.

The UR22 scanner is mainly used in smaller warehouses. It has a wide communication range of approximately 2.6 metres and can be installed on the upper part of a gate to capture the incoming and outgoing goods. Hence, the employees do not have to manually read or identify the tags as the UR22 automatically scans them. The circular polarized antenna enables 360°degree scanning of RFID tags, so the users do not have to worry about the direction or position of the tags. Due to its compact design with a slim antenna, the small scanner can be installed practically anywhere. VESA-compliant mountings make it easy to install the scanner in different places. In addition, the communication range of the UR22 can be adjusted individually and in accordance to the environment. This means, the data capture range can be reduced or expanded optionally with a second antenna. Get here to the product page of the UR20 series.