Our BHT-1600 on YouTube

Have you already watched our popular BHT-1600 in the “crash test“? On our YouTube Channel you can see how our robust Handheld Terminal defies the conditions. Besides its robustness, further key features of our new Android™ 6.X PDA scanner are the integrated mobile data capture scanning possibility coupled with all common standard applications support for wireless communication such as Bluetooth, WiFi or 4G. All this combined with in an appealing design, compact size, and an ergonomic weight. Marketing Assistant Sina Haupt points out some of the many advantages that the new data capture device offers: “The BHT-1600 increases the user’s mobility and makes real-time management of the stock piles in storage possible. Furthermore, the movement of goods can be managed much more easily. That way, the employees can get more precise results while lowering the overall operating costs. Also, the data to manage the stock arrangement on retail shelves and in storage units is available immediately. All this improves the coordination in storage areas and shortens the transit times between back office and front office.” Ultimately, the BHT-1600 offers exactly those features that are important in the logistics, transport, production, retail, field & sales force automation, and the health sectors: an extremely robust and shockproof case, reliability, flexible communication possibilities, and an efficient mobile data capture function. Additionally, USB OTG (On the Go) is also possible. Depending on the requirements, the handheld terminal can be programmed both as USB master or USB slave. Get to the YouTube Video or to the Product Page of the BHT-1600.