UR20 Series – not only usable at the POS

Our UR20 series consists of the UR21 scanner, which is used mainly in the retail sector, and the UR22 scanner. The series provides enormous time savings at the POS and in storage areas. With the RFID technology, security tags that are now magnetically attached to clothing items could be replaced in the future with RFID tags. These tags are already integrated in the labels on clothing items and can be deactivated when scanned with a UR20. By installing an RFID barrier with an alarm at the exit, an end more

DENSO at the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017

On 27th and 28th September 2017, the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow Event takes place in Düsseldorf, again. Auto-ID, automation and digitalisation are central topics of the event – what makes it relevant, among others, to the industries of manufacturing, logistics, retail and healthcare. This year, there are 60 exhibitors, and over 80 presentations on the exhibition. We from DENSO will be presented there with a booth, as well, and will show our latest RFID and NFC products, such as the UR20 scanner, more

Our BHT-1600 on YouTube

Have you already watched our popular BHT-1600 in the “crash test“? On our YouTube Channel you can see how our robust Handheld Terminal defies the conditions. Besides its robustness, further key features of our new Android™ 6.X PDA scanner are the integrated mobile data capture scanning possibility coupled with all common standard applications support for wireless communication such as Bluetooth, WiFi or 4G. All this combined with in an appealing design, compact size, and an ergonomic weight. more

DENSO for increased requirements in retail

Customers have high expectations of retail businesses nowadays. In order to make shopping in a retail store an experience, retail companies must have full control not only at the point of sale (POS), but also in the warehouse for the inventory processes, and via the staff to help realize the individual purchasing preferences of the customers. Today, numerous products can be found on the internet at much lower selling prices. However, the retail industry has a crucial advantage over the internet: more

Former Managing Director Keiji Nakamura visited us

TT Network Integration Europe’s – or at that time Toyota Tsusho ID Systems (TTID) – former Managing Director Keiji Nakamura (fifth from left) came to see us last week. We at DENSO and whole TTNI-E were very delighted about his visit. Keiji Nakamura was Managing Director of TTID from  2006 to 2010 and he led the company very successfully and can look back on great achievements. Also for Keiji Nakamura, it was a pleasure to come back here to Düsseldorf and experience how TTNI-E is developing, more

DENSO wishes you a pleasant Holiday!

The whole DENSO Team wishes you and your family a pleasant and restful summer vacation! Meanwhile DENSO WAVE and the DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit are together continuing to plan and develop new up-coming products, which we are really excited about. Keep your expectations high and look forward to receiving more information on future product novelties this more

Quad-core vs. hexa-core - Why a sports car is not always faster than a hatchback

In logistics or the trade sector, optimised internal mechanisms are a key part of high-quality production processes. The question of storage location, for example, can be answered through consistent material monitoring or by identifying parts at important stages of the production and administration process. Given the first variant requires monitoring all the manufacturing facility’s means of transport, it is suitably complex. Many dealers and logisticians thus rely on mobile data collection, in more

RFID Scanner SE1-BUB-C in Pocket Size

In the retail industry today, customers have high expectations. To build a profitable and engaging in-store experience, companies need full control not only at the point of sale (POS) but also from storage to inventory, to staff enablement, to personal shopping solutions – and in many other areas. We from DENSO offer mobile data solutions and reliable devices for the retail industry. The latest addition to our product range is the SE1-BUB-C, a pocket size scanner with built-in RFID technology, which more

Enormous time savings with DENSO's BHT-1200 RFID

The IDTechEX Research experts have been closely observing the RFID market since 1999 and publish regularly detailed analyses. Their study “RFID Forecasts and Opportunities 2016-2026” includes forecasts and opportunities for the RFID technology for the next ten years. It shows that, especially in retail, there are numerous fields of application. According to IDTechEX Research, the number of tags sold will rise from 8.9 billion in 2015 up to 10.4 billion in 2016. In addition, experts predict, the whole more

Excellent Service at DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit

DENSO Customers are always stressing the durability and robustness of our products, and that the error and default rate is minimal. Many of our customers are still using old and meanwhile discontinued products – and are still very satisfied with their performances. One would think that we keep our service policy to a bare minimum (as there is little demand for it due to the low rates of complaints and to the intuitive usage of our products). However, the contrary is the case. If there is anything more