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We belong to one of the world's top 5 enterprises.
With over 330.000 employees.
Quality is our philosophy. We are Toyota.

About us

DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit – Driven by quality.

With over 154,000 employees, the DENSO CORPORATION is one of Japan’s largest corporate groups. Its subsidiary, DENSO WAVE, is among the world’s biggest manufacturers of Auto-ID products, and is the inventor of the QR Code. Our motto is: Driven by quality, and our terminals and scanners stand for top quality in technology, service and functionality. Key players in trade, logistics, production, the public sector and healthcare all rely on DENSO for their mobile data recording. They are all part of integrated value chains, and help visionary companies achieve Industry 4.0. DENSO is a member of the Toyota Group.


TTNI-E: Furthering DENSO quality – in sales, service and partnerships.

DENSO handheld terminals and scanners are exclusively distributed in Europe by the DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit run by TT Network Integration Europe GmbH (TTNI-E), and we uphold the DENSO WAVE quality standards for our customers and partners.

Quality through competence:
We maintain close contact with DENSO WAVE research, development and production in Japan, meaning we’re always on the ball when it comes to the latest models and technologies, know which innovations are planned for when, and can offer our customers services with an added edge – for greater competitiveness through advanced Auto-ID products made by DENSO WAVE.

Quality through a customer focus:
TTNI-E maintains a vast network of partners and services across Europe. Not only does this guarantee geographic proximity, but our sales organisational structure also encourages autonomy and freedom of action for our partners – meaning faster, more flexible decisions on site with customers.

Quality in service and warranties:
TTNI-E stands for DENSO quality. We’re so confident in the leading quality of our Auto-ID products that DENSO WAVE usually grants warranties well beyond industry standards. And on the rare occasion that technological improvements or even repairs are required, our service structure offers with exceptional support. We pass on our DENSO knowledge directly to our Europe-wide Authorised Repair Centres (ARC) and Service Centres (SC) through regular training courses, enabling them to provide top service quality. Taking responsibility on behalf of DENSO WAVE – yet another aspect of TTNI-E’s DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit.

Who is DENSO Auto-ID?