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The lowest DOA quota of the whole industry. Up to 1 million scans per life cycle of a product.

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Up to 5 years warranty on the hardware. After product discontinuation up to 5 years of delivery and repair guarantee (on inquiry).

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190 Branch offices worldwide, thereof 35 in Europe. One of the best customer service networks worldwide.


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DENSO offers you and your company the best and most secure solution for your highly sensitive work processes during the mobile data entry. It is our philosophy to let you and your company experience outstanding planning security, outstanding service, and industry-leading product quality.


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Mobile Data Collection in the Healthcare Sector

Most people know mobile data collection devices and scanners from their use in retail: everybody has probably seen an employee in shopping malls or supermarkets capturing the goods in the shelves with a handheld terminal. It is also logical that handheld terminals and scanners are used in logistics – here, big amounts of data have to be captured, registered or booked out in a short period of time. However, healthcare is not what normally comes to mind when they think about mobile data collection – although...read more

New on the Market: BHT-1700 and BHT-1800

We have now launched two new data collection devices. Sina Haupt, Marketing Assistant at DENSO, says: “Our BHT-1800 Android handheld terminal is equipped with a 5” superscreen for outstanding legibility. The BHT-1700 Android handheld terminal is also equipped with an extra-large display: with its 4” mega display and physical keyboard, it offers a multitude of features.” This puts the BHT-1700 Android handheld terminal more or less at the maximum limit for a handheld with keyboard. With the BHT-1800 Android...read more

The key to RFID and Barcoding: Knowing when to use each one

According to the Smithsonian, the first barcode was written in sand in Miami by inventor Joe Woodland – decades before technology could bring his vision to life. In 1974, the first item marked with the Universal Product Code (UPC) was scanned at the checkout of a supermarket in the small town of Troy in Miami County, Ohio. However, the barcode was not an immediate success. It was when the mass merchandisers adopted the barcode that it took off. Today, the barcode is everywhere – and it is hard to imagine...read more